A creator who surprisingly

revealed her artistic talent and came as close as possible to understanding her own essence and purpose in life.

Curriculum Vitae
Liudmila Zotova was born in Moscow where she currently lives and works. She two university degrees in humanities.

Her passion for painting came to her unexpectedly, and has since become her profession. Her unconventional way of painting, "finger painting" by art critics, sparked great interest in the media resulting in dozens of articles and several television films about the work of Liudmila Zotova.
This interest can be attributed to the ingenuity of the artist's paintings and her inherent uniqueness of subject and style.

More than 120 personal exhibitions of Liudmila Zotova have been held in Russia and 80 other countries of the world since 1991. Many of her paintings are kept in private collections around the world, as well as in the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, national museums in Belgium, Macedonia, Austria, Spain and other countries. Liudmila Zotova is a member of the professional and creative union of artists and graphic artists of Russia, laureate of the UN prize, president of the Vereshchagin Artists Club.

Finger painting is a way to convey emotions, feelings and state emanating from the depths of a person's heart through direct contact of the fingertips with the color of paints and the canvas. What is so ingenious about the finger painting technique?
Any person can become the author of the picture, regardless of age, gender, profession and social status. The disclosure of creative abilities bypasses human consciousness and takes a short path - "heart - fingertips."
Liudmila Zotova. Photo by Nykolai Tarasenko
Liudmila Zotova. Photo by Nykolai Tarasenko
February 19, 2019, MOSCOW
"I just love people and I love life. I want to spread happiness to everyone."
Liudmila uses an unconventional technique of finger painting in her work, its peculiarity being that the paint is applied with fingers or palms. Typically, each finger is used for a specific color. The technique requires free movement, involves experimentation in the space of a sheet of paper or canvas. Finger painting makes it possible to create exquisite works that are distinguished by intense expression and picturesqueness of color.
Liudmila Zotova. Photo by Nykolai Tarasenko.
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