М. Feigin
Paper, gouache
29 x 21 cm (11.4" x 8.3")
Year: 1968
Moses Feigin is the last Russian avant-garde artist and member of the "Jack of Diamonds" group. Included in the Guinness Book of Records.

"The surviving sketches allow us to trace the stages of the transformation of a full-scale drawing from life to a linear sign, freed from details. Feigin began the development of a theme with a drawing using a pen or watercolors with the goal of eventually coming to a certain simple and clear plastic formula, almost a hieroglyph so that through repetitions and variations." Anna Chudetskaya.

The painting, executed in black tones, is an excellent addition to one painting - "Ballet". The latter is not just a dance, but also an opportunity to express your emotions.

The painting is a part of Luba Matusovsky's private collection.
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