"Imprisoned" from THE "Damnation to War" and "You'll Be Hung" SERIES
М. Feigin
Pressboard, oil, foil
100 x 80 cm (39" x 31.5")
Year: 1975
Moses Feigin is the last Russian avant-garde artist and member of the "Jack of Diamonds" group. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He absorbed many styles and trends in his work - fauvism, cubism, post-impressionism, expressionism, realism.

The Matusovsky collection stands out with the works of Moses Feigin 1970-1971, where he used gold and silver foil. Few of these were created, and many of them were collected by Lyubov. Foil is a unique material that has a shape memory effect, i.e. it can change its shape depending on the ambient temperature. The image in the picture will transform depending on the heating of the foil or its parts, and the viewer will first see one image, and after a while - another, slightly altered one, all on the same plane. Moreover, the image can change rather gradually and then the viewer will be able to see the dynamic picture.

Three figures against the backdrop of arbitrarily marked masonry. Each figure has its own specific color. The carmine red Judge and the yellow Counselor leaning in to him look at the prisoner with condemnation. The man sentenced to death, his head in his hands, is highlighted in deep blue. The artist metaphorically reminds us of the history of Christ. The foil highlights the halo around the head, glistening, as in the eight-hundred-year-old Byzantine mosaics preserved in Sicily. If we did not know the title of the work, we could assume that it was a biblical subject, but the author most likely had the Second World War in mind.

There is of course a different interpretation of the painting - Yellow is the Executioner in a traditional headdress, Red is the Hanged with his arms folded across his chest and a noose around his neck, and Blue is Christ, covering his head with his hands in horror, unable to see murder.
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