M. Feigin
Pressboard, oil
46 x 37 cm (18.1" x 14.6")
Year: 1986
Moses Feigin is the last Russian avant-garde artist and member of the "Jack of Diamonds" group. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He absorbed many styles and trends in his work - fauvism, cubism, post-impressionism, expressionism, realism.

A small musician with a violin in his hands became a permanent character in his paintings. Feigin heard a story on the radio: a Jewish town was occupied by the Nazis, they drove all the adults together to be shot. Among those sentenced were Musya's parents. Musya approached the German officer and asked for permission to play the violin. The officer said that if the boy plays beautifully, then his parents will be spared. In response, Musya took the violin and played "Internationale". The brave pioneer (boy scout) was immediately shot. Feigin took this story as a parable about the courage of a man of art: the artist is obliged to speak the truth, despite the threat of physical destruction.

There are many dogs on his canvases - he loved them, because, unlike people, they did not interrupt his monologues. "They crucify Christ or burn Giordano Bruno at the stake, and a dog runs past.It is preoccupied with one thought only - where to hide the bone.

The painting is a part of Luba Matusovsky's private collection.
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