М. Feigin
Pressboard, oil
51 x 52 cm (20.1" x 20.5")
Year: 1972
Moses Feigin is the last Russian avant-garde artist and member of the "Jack of Diamonds" group. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He absorbed many styles and trends in his work - fauvism, cubism, post-impressionism, expressionism, realism.

The central part of the composition is occupied by a multi-colored ball, reminiscent of the view of our planet from space. The lower part of the painting depicts three long whitewash strokes that can be interpreted to be comets with long tails sweeping past, or human souls flying away. The works we considered should be attributed to the abstract direction in art despite the very specific names and easily guessed figurative images. However, Feigin was not a clear follower of anyone, even Kazimir Malevich, whom he considered a genius. Feigin's work, balancing between the objectivity of being and the abstraction of associations, can be characterized as a pictorial-geometric abstraction.
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