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Hooligan Babushka

One day, my grandfather got a call from the police and was told that my grandmother was detained for hooliganism. He came to the station, where my grandmother was handed over to him with the words: "Take your madwoman away." The fact is that my grandmother knocked out two hoodlums with a three-liter jar of pickles, which she had in her string bag. She just brought it down on their heads. Here is what happened - three thugs attacked a wiry, small man and began to bully him, and he behaved very courageously. My grandmother decided that she could not watch him being harassed, and hit two of them with the jars - it is worth noting that my grandmother had a heavy hand. The third attacker was neutralized by the puny young man himself. When the police began to investigate, it turned out that this slender boy was a “master of sports” in boxing, and he was simply trying to hold off on using his athlete’s skills. Be that as it may, he thanked my grandmother very much, because it is not easy to cope with three assailants alone as it is. After that incident, the police had a record on my grandmother as being a “malicious hooligan”.
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