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ARTSTORY Gallery. Moses Feigin’s Exhibition “Frantic Orpheus”

Exhibition Moses Feigin. “Frantic Orpheus”, which will be held in the gallery ARTSTORY from December 18, 2014 February 8, 2015 is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the famous artist, the last bearer of the traditions of Russian avant-garde Moses Feigin (1904-2008). He who has lived more than a century (104 years old!), was lucky enough to become a link between the revolutionary innovators of the early XX century (“Jack of diamonds”) and CONTEMPORARY ART.

December 18 in 19.00 – the gallery ARTSTORY will lecture of the head of Department of contemporary art at the State Tretyakov gallery, Ph.D. Cyril Svetliakov on the theme of “traditions of the Jack of diamonds in Russian art of the second half of the twentieth century. Progress and regression. ADMISSION is free.

Gallery ARTSTORY celebrates the anniversary of the MASTER OF the new Grand retrospective of his work. The exhibition of paintings and sketches, drawings from the archive of the artist’s family and major private collections. Early avant-garde work, a painting of the Soviet period, over which the artist worked secretly, and works of the latter, the post-Soviet years, when Pagina finally come recognition and fame. Most of the works exhibited for the first time.

The ARTSTORY gallery has opened a large retrospective of Moisey Feigin, an artist who literally became the last bearer of the traditions of the Russian avant-garde: the master died in 2008 at the age of one hundred and three years. Timed the exhibition to coincide with the artist's anniversary, the organizers tried to convey as fully as possible the creative biography of Feigin - from early avant-garde works and sketches to works of the post-Soviet period, many of which are exhibited for the first time.

"Afisha": The exhibition "Moses Feigin. Furious Orpheus" opened in Moscow.

Moses Feigin decided on his vocation in the first year of the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University, where he entered at the insistence of his parents: in the evening of the first school day, he showed his father several sketches depicting the teacher's face, but he could not remember the content of the lectures at all. "Well, since you want to go all your life without pants, - reacted the father, - go and enter VKHUTEMAS". In the process with Osmerkin and Popova, Feigin becomes the very last member of the Jack of Diamonds group, oversees the work of the leading masters of the association, Lentulov, Mashkov, Konchalovsky, and is fond of abstraction.

In the wake of early abstract experiences, the exhibition displays realistic paintings. At the next stage, in such works as "Anechka", "Liza and Grishenka", "The Artist at Work" and "Morning", Feigin conveys the most comfortable moments of human existence. In the future, the artist develops in the direction of constant expansion and affirmation of plastic freedom: the works "The Driver with a Black Elephant with a Red Blanket" or "White Moon" are distinguished by the expressiveness of artistic expression, the energy of the stroke and the incredible density of texture.

The grandson of Moisei Feigin, Leonid, recalled that when the artist was engaged in abstraction or painted some pictures not from nature, he used dice. Each number corresponded to a certain color, and if there was a free space in the picture, the author threw the dice, offering fate to choose a suitable color scheme for him: “Of course, he often cheated and rolled the cubes, but he needed an external source that would set his own reality".

The corridor between the main halls of the gallery is occupied by graphic series dedicated to Charlie Chaplin. Along with the images of harlequins, circus performers, as well as the immortals Don Quixote and Sancho Panso, the image of Charlie Chaplin was one of the favorites in Feigin's work: among the many sketches quickly executed in ink on paper, there is not a single repetitive movement or pose.

The works of Moses Feigin are incredibly energetic - each one, be it a large canvas or a modest sketch, has an inner strength, pressure, impulse. This mood is supported by the exhibition - the exposition is rich, dynamic and concentrated, it is imbued with the spirit of the artist's powerful creative personality.
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