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Natalya Bazhenova is creating her own world

Natalya Bazhenova

Born January 29, 1954 in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, Graphic Arts Department. Has participated in exhibitions since 1977. Member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1989. Lives in Moscow.

Bazhenova's works can be found in the Museum of People's Friendship in Moscow, Fine Arts Museum in Yoshkar-Ola, and other museums and private collections in over 30 countries of the world.

Natalya Bazhenova is creating her own world in her series of theatrical and mythological compositions, series dedicated to Christian mystics. Being good in astrology and alchemy, mastering ancient theory and holy religious texts the painter uses elaborated methods of meditation in the process of self investigation. Stirring up visions, she deliberately „switched off” her consciousness and plunged into the world of unreality, cleaning up herself for further creation of images.

The categories of the Good and the Evil are being interpreted in Bazhenova's pictures on mythological and Christian motifs where concreteness is displaced by unreal contemplative meditative beginning, the time is stopped, the space is fluid and only gestures immanent to personages accentuate the shades of meaning.

She attempts to materialize fantasies and memories, impressions and sensations and in it N. Bazhenova is always emotionally impulsive and sometimes she is unrestrained in her colours on the canvas.

She tries to find a spontaneous formula for key-rhythmical cascade of emotions, feelings and senses absorbing them like a sponge. Her unfigurative works seem to be ponderous, dense with saturation of colour clots of „dozing” energy which only begins to run down into the space gradually covering and grasping spectators.

So the creative work of Natalva Bhenova is going on. She is searching for something new and extraordinary. And every artist shares with us his or her windfalls according to the extent of the talent.

As for Bazhenova, she gets her creative inspiration and personal strength from this mutual exchange of energy.
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