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He Has Always Been and Always Will Be Treasured

Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow, February 18, 2000.

The Tretyakov Gallery contains the largest collection of paintings from the second half of the twentieth century, the central place in which is occupied by five paintings of the great avant-garde artist of Jewish origin, the last representative of the Jacks of Diamonds, Moses Feigin. His paintings have been there since 1999, after a personal exhibition dedicated to his 95th birthday.

1. Feigin M.A. 1904 -04/26/2008
The Circus. 1988
Canvas, oil. 67.5 x 55

2. Feigin M.A. 1904 -04/26/2008
Brown Composition. 1968
Oil, cardboard. 50 x 40

3. Feigin M.A. 1904 -04/26/2008
Composition in Green. 1969-1970
Plywood, oil. 30.5 x 28

4. Feigin M.A. 1904 -04/26/2008
Textured Composition. 1968
Oil, cardboard. 74.5 x 51.5

5. Feigin M.A. 1904 -04/26/2008
Holy Family
Canvas, oil. 45 x 65

This is a truly valuable contribution to the history of art of the second half of the 20th century, and only a select few recognized artists were awarded the honor of being displayed in the Tretyakov State Gallery.

Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow, February 18, 2000.

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