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"Poetry of Color" Personal Exhibition of Liudmila Zotova

TVER DIGEST, Mikhail Tveskoy, 2012

On August 8, 2012, an exhibition of paintings by Luidmila Zotova "Poetry of Color" opened at the Museum and Exhibition Center of the Tver Regional House of Folk Art. The founder and organizer of the exhibition is the Committee for Cultural Affairs of the Tver Region.

Luidmila Ivanovna Zotova was born and continues to live in Moscow. She has two academic degrees. For many years she worked in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (Parliament) and in the Presidential Administration. Her passion for painting came unexpectedly, becoming her main profession.

Luidmila works using an unconventional technique of finger painting, the peculiarity of which is that the paint is applied with fingers or palms. Typically, each finger is used for one specific color. The technique requires free movement, involves experimentation in the space of a sheet of paper or canvas. Finger painting makes it possible to create exciting works that are distinguished by peculiar expression and color picturesqueness.

Luidmila's paintings are full of energy and love of life. For two decades of creative activity, more than 200 personal exhibitions have been held in 55 countries of the world. The artist's works are presented in many national galleries and private collections.

Luidmila Zotova is a laureate of the UN Prize, President of the Vereshchagin Artist Club, producer of the international film festival "Cinemarina", a member of the professional and creative Union of artists and graphic artists of the UNESCO International Federation of Artists. Dozens of articles and numerous television programs have been made about the artist's work. This interest can be explained and justified by the fact that the Liudmila’s works do not leave the audience indifferent, but on the contrary, they excite and delight, amaze and inspire.

The Poetry of Color exhibition provides a unique opportunity to see the remarkable works of an original artist, whose talent and creative approach will attract the attention of both professionals and art connoisseurs. The exposition will be of interest to everyone who knows how to rejoice and enjoy life, see and feel beauty.

The exhibition will run until August 18, 2012.
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